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Incredibly Useful WordPress Plugins You Probably Didn’t Know About

If you’ve ever researched the best WordPress plugins for entrepreneurs and bloggers, you’ve likely come across many articles – which often list the same ten or so popular plugins.

While many plugins are popular for a reason, there are a number of incredibly useful WordPress plugins that very few people and businesses seem to know about.

This post highlights some amazing WordPress plugins that can help save you time, effort and frustration. Once you start using these, you’ll wonder how you ever lived (er..worked) without them.

Read on to discover some awesome top-secret (shhhh…) WordPress plugins that can help you on your way to becoming a blogging ninja.

OnePress Image Elevator

Do you use screen capture tools to take screenshots of images to use on your WordPress website?

Usually the process to do this contains the following steps:

  1. Capture a screenshot with the screen capture tool
  2. Save the screenshot to your computer
  3. Open the image in a tool like Photoshop and optimize the image for the web
  4. Upload the image to the WordPress Media Library
  5. Insert the image into your post or page

Image Elevator is an incredibly simple WordPress plugin that reduces this process to just 2 steps (yay!).

Image Elevator allows you to paste images into your posts directly from your clipboard!

Simply capture the screenshot, and copy the image (including using the Control/Command + C keyboard shortcut if you’d like) and paste it into your post. The tool automagically adds the image to your post, and saves it to your WordPress Media Library.

While using it with screenshots is a common use, it actually works with any image you’re able to copy and paste.

Image Elevator is offered as either a free plugin, or as a premium version.

The premium version has some additional incredibly-useful features, including the ability to compress images on the fly, and rename the images as you paste them (by default, it saves images with a long string of letters and numbers as the title).

When you paste images, especially photos, they can be quite large and slow down your website.

With the compression feature, you can set the max allowed size for pasted images and forget about this problem. Your images will be automatically converted to a jpeg file with the specified the quality value.

If you work with a lot of images on your website, Image Elevator can save you a ton of time and frustration, and is a must-have WordPress plugin.

Check out Image Elevator: Premium Version | Free Version

Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post is another simple (and must-have!), WordPress Plugin.

Duplicate Post adds a ‘Clone’ link to each WordPress post or page. When you click it, it creates a copy of the post as a new post.

This is incredibly helpful if you create multiple pages with the same format. If you have a WordPress eCommerce site, online course, portfolio or a number of other types of sites, you probably want to make sure you use a similar layout from post to post (or product to product).

The Duplicate Post WordPress plugin makes this super easy.

The great thing about this plugin (compared to some other plugins with similar functionality) is that it works perfectly with any post type, including portfolios, courses, eCommerce products, and any custom post types.

This plugin is a great time saver, and is completely free (the developer does take donations).

Check out Duplicate Post


The WordPress Subtitles plugin does exactly what you probably think: it adds a subtitle to your WordPress posts and eCommerce products.

It simply adds a new subtitle field to the post in the WordPress backend, which displays on your live site.

What’s so great about it is that it seems to work on nearly every theme. While I wouldn’t be surprised to find certain themes it doesn’t work on, it worked across the several themes I tested it on, which included on both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads products.

In addition to adding some visual appeal to your site, subtitles can provide a nice boost for SEO!

Subtitles is a free plugin (the developer accepts donations)!

Check out Subtitles

TinyMCE Advanced

As great as WordPress is, one of the long-standing drawbacks with it is that the WYSIWYG editor (the content editor that you type your posts in) is pretty limited.

If you want to use things like specific fonts, font colors, font sizes, and background colors, you generally need to switch over to the html editor and add inline styling to your html (assuming you even know how to do that).

TinyMCE Advanced is a free WordPress plugin that solves this problem by adding a lot of additional functionality to the WordPress content editor.

The plugin simply adds additional buttons and drop-down options to the content editor menu bar. You can do things like select a text color, and then it automatically adds the needed styling for you.

One cool thing about TinyMCE Advanced is that it doesn’t just load the content editor toolbar with a ton of new features without giving you any control.

You don’t necessarily want 20 additional buttons. You might only want 3, which you’ll actually use. TinyMCE lets you decide what functionality gets added through the settings panel.

Even if you only use the Font Family, Font Size, and Font Color tools, it can save you a lot of time, and improve the look of your blog posts and pages.

Custom fonts and different font colors can help align your blog posts with your branding, and add visual appeal to your articles.

Check out TinyMCE Advanced

Enhanced Media Library

This is a unique plugin that is very helpful if you use a lot of image files on your site (especially if you have the need to re-use images multiple times).

By default, the WordPress Media Library does not give you any ways to categorize your images. If you have hundreds or thousands of images in your library and want to find a specific one (or group) of them, doing a text search is really your only option. If you name all your images with perfect keywords, that might work, but what if you (like most people) don’t do that?

Enhanced Media Library plugin is a simple (and free) tool that lets you assign categories and tags to your images – in the same way you can add categories to tags to things like posts and eCommerce products.

You can then easily sort by these categories and tags. It’s so easy and simple that it’s surprising it’s not default functionality in WordPress.

Check out Enhanced Media Library

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