Bust A Name

Bust A Name is a domain name generator that automatically combines a list of words into available domain names.

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If you can look past the slightly outdated website appearance, Bust A Name is a powerful domain name generator that has some unique functionality.

While Bust A Name offers a couple different types of domain search tools, the most useful one is the ‘Word Combiner’, which lets you enter a long list of keywords, and then it nearly instantly combines all the words displays available domain names.

If you find a domain name you like for your business, you can choose your favorite domain registrar site through a drop-down menu, and click through to register the domain.

In addition to the Word Combiner, Bust A Name also has a ‘Domain Maker’ tool. This lets you enter a single keyword, and the tool will add additional characters before or after the word. This is ideal if you are looking to create a made up word, such as ‘Guitarily’ or ‘Bookstorican (this tool comes up with pretty random words, but there’s a chance you’ll find one you like as a brandable business name).

One nice feature of Bust A Name is that it lets you search various domain extensions (.com, .net. .org, etc.), while some other domain name generators only display .com domains.


Bust A Name is free to use, and is a great time-saver that can help you find that perfect business name that you might not otherwise think of.

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