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Name Mesh is a unique domain name generator that helps you find a great domain across different categories.

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Name Mesh is a domain name tool that is downright fun to use, and shows you a wide variety of different types of names.

Like other domain name tools, Name Mesh lets you start by entering a keyword, but where the tool stands out is in the range of results it displays.

The site features a grid-based layout, with domain results grouped into categories such as New (which shows various domain extensions (.ninja anyone?), Fun, SEO, Short, Similar domains, Mix (which includes made-up words), and more.

In addition to unregistered domain names, Name Mesh also displays premium domains that are already owned by other people, but are listed for sale.

If you find your perfect domain name, the site lets you select a domain registrar from a drop-down menu if you want to click through to register the domain.

Name Mesh is a great domain name tool that will show you some business and domain name ideas that you won’t find on any other domain name websites.


Name Mesh is free!

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