Namestation features a robust domain keyword search tool as well as the ability to create contests for a community of people to help you come up with a domain name.

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Namestation is an incredibly robust domain name tool that lets you find available domain names based on keywords, as well as creating crowdsourced contests for a large community of people to come up with names for you.

Advanced Domain Keyword Search

Say you’re looking to start a business, and you know you want the word ‘Guitar’ as part of your business and domain name. You want another word before or after the word ‘guitar’.

Namestation lets you start with that keyword, and then lets you search by category to prepend or append additional words to your keyword. While there are other name generators out there that will spit out a long list of possible domain names, this category filtering makes Namestation stand out (and can really save you time, and help you come up with a better name).

The large list of categories includes everything from popular keywords, to foods, animals, art, eCommerce, marketing, sports, and so many more.

Create Domain Name Contests

Unable to find that perfect domain name on your own, or just want input from other people? For a pretty small fee, Namestation lets you quickly create a domain contest. You simply specify your industry, keywords you might want included, and other preferences, and watch as lots of domain names created by the Namestation community pour in (the person who submitted the winning name – chosen by you, of course, gets a monetary payout, so there’s an incentive for people to submit high-quality names.


Namestation offers both free and tiered pricing options. You can do basic searches without even creating an account. If you create a free account, then you get access to even more tools and more search results, and then the functionality can be expanded even further with a paid account. Since once you decide on your domain name, you likely won’t need to use the service again, there’s an option to use the site for 60 days for only around $24. Hosting a crowdsourced name contest costs $35.

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