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The Best Graphic Design Tools for the Design-Challenged Entrepreneur

As recently as just a few years ago, if you wanted to create killer graphics for your website, brouchures, ads, and social media posts, you either had to have extensive knowledge of a tool like Photoshop, or pay a professional designer.

Fortunately, some entrepreneurs saw a big gap in the market, and created some pretty amazing tools to let complete novices create graphics that look like you hired a high-end design firm to create.

Nice-looking graphics can often be the difference of whether your posts (including on social media) are read, or quickly passed over. The tools below let you quickly create great graphics, and let you spend your time on other things.


Canva (available as both a web-app and mobile app) lets you easily create professional-quality graphics with background images, text, and icons.

One pain point around creating graphics for social media sites is that it’s not easy to know which sizes your graphics should be. Facebook and Twitter header banners need to be specific sizes. Images in Facebook and Twitter posts are another size. Pinterest images should be specific size to look good. Art for your YouTube channel looks best in a certain size.

Beyond social media, what if you want to create a cover for a magazine, CD, book, or certain marketing material?

Canva makes this incredibly easy. The first stop to creating a graphic in Canva is to choose a a graphic size from a long list of available options – all of which are perfectly sized for different mediums (you can of course use custom sizes as well).

You can then chose from a large library of pre-designed templates (which cover everything from brouchure designs to restaurant menus), or create a custom design by simply selecting a background image, and choosing a font style for your text.

For background images, Canva provides a good amount of images you can use for free. The tool is also integrated with a very large library of royalty-free stock images (so you don’t have to go find background images on a different site and manually upload them into Canva). If you want to use one of these stock photos, there is typically a small cost (generally only $1).

Another great thing about Canva is how it handles working with layers. If you’ve used Photoshop, you might have found the concept of working with multiple layers of graphics confusing.

In Canva, this is as simple as clicking on different parts of your graphic. You can then easily do things like changing the size of things, changing colors, and much more.

Canva stores all your work in the cloud, so you can modify your graphics at any time.

There are some small fees associated with Canva (such as when you use certain stock photos, or download multiple different versions of your graphics), but the cost for a great-looking graphic generally ranges between free and around just a few dollars.

Canva is amazing graphic design tool that lets you create professional graphics incredibly quickly, and for a super low price.

Check out Canva


Snappa graphic design tool

Snappa is another popular graphic design tool that lets entrepreneurs create visually stunning graphics to publish online.

Similarly to Canva, you start out by either specifying a custom size for your graphic, or by choosing from a number of templates (which include everything from Facebook posts, to YouTube thumbnails and various display ad sizes). Snappa graphic design tool options

While Canva is designed to be a tool to create graphics for virtually anything (including things like CD covers, book covers, and even restaurant menus), Snappa is focused on online images (generally for use on your blog and social media sites).

You can then choose from a variety of design templates, which quickly get you started with a background image and pre-selected fonts. You can then easily change each element (such as changing fonts, colors, etc.).

Snappa has more of a word-processor feel to it, with a layout and workflow pretty similar to Apple Pages. The learning curve is virtually non-existant, making Snappa  simple for anyone to just jump right in and start working.

One cool feature of Snappa is integration with social media sites, so you can publish posts to platforms like Facebook and Twitter directly from Snappa. You can even connect a Buffer account to pre-schedule your posts.

With Snappa, there are both free and paid options. Snappa lets you use a much larger amount of stock photos for free, and you can download graphics for free. If you want to save your graphics to edit or re-use in the future, you’ll need a paid account. Paid accounts start at only $10/month for a single user, so still a great deal compared to paying a professional graphic designer.

Snappa is a great tool for online marketers with a small graphic design budget to create high quality graphics.

Check out Snappa

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