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The Best Project Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

Keeping track of all the steps in the projects you’re working on can be stressful and time consuming – and without the right tool, important steps can be missed or not prioritized correctly.

Using the right project management software can improve your productivity, organization, and sanity.

When narrowing down the list of the best project management tools for startups, we set the following requirements:

  • They most be available on all platforms/devices. It’s important to be able to easily manage your projects whether you’re on your computer, phone, or tablet. While there are a lot of great ‘to do list’ apps for iPhone and Android that can function as project management tools, many of them don’t have desktop versions. There are also some desktop web-apps that don’t have good mobile apps.
  • They should have a quick learning curve. You don’t want to spend a lot of time learning a complicated project management software (especially if you have a team, where multiple people would need to learn it).


trello productivity tool

Trello is a free, visual, and flexible project management tool that can keep you and your team organized.

Trello lets you replace the the sticky notes, spreadsheets, email, and clunky software for managing your projects with a simple and easy-to-use drag & drop tool.

Trello is based on the popular Kanban project management style. Trello is broken up into into Boards (which are simply different projects). You can create individual boards for specific projects or types of tasks.

Within each Board you have Lists (each column in the image above). You then add ‘Cards‘ to each List.

Within each card, you can add detailed notes, a checklist, assign labels to them, assign due dates, and assign them to specific people on your team. You can drag cards from list to list, making Trello super fast and easy to use.

One of the best parts of Trello is its flexibility. You can title Boards and Lists whatever you want – which makes Trello useful for a huge range of projects and tasks.

While there are plenty of task management tools that function as to-do-lists, they are far from ideal for managing projects that include multiple steps. A common ways to use Trello include adding lists titled ‘To Do’, ‘In Progress’, and ‘Completed’. You then simply drag each card to each list as you make progress.

Trello is available across all virtually all platforms and devices, with mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Best of all, Trello is completely free, with some premium plans for larger businesses.

Check out Trello


Asana project mangement tool

Asana was started as essentially a to-do-list tool focused around team collaboration, but has quickly evolved to include some awesome additional functionality, including a dashboard, a calendar, a notification Inbox, and more.

The Asana Dashboard

Team collaboration is clearly the focus of Asana, as it gives users the ability to share notes, organize tasks between different people, and schedule and prioritize daily tasks on a shared calendar.

We recommend Asana for people who prefer to work in a standard ‘to do list’ format (compared to the KanBan style of Trello), and for small teams looking for a simple way for everyone to manage their workflow.

Asana is free, with premium options that include additional functionality, training, and support resources.

Check out Asana




wrike project management software for startups

Wrike is a premium project management tool designed to be a hub for all your work.

Featuring a user-friendly navigation, Wrike makes which makes managing your workflow easy for you and your team.

Wrike has a 3-pane layout (similar to email programs like Outlook and Apple Mail) that gives you clear visibility of your projects, letting you see important info all on one screen.

The left pane shows a list of your active projects. The middle pane shows tasks (which can be prioritized) within each project. The right pane shows task details.

You obviously want to spend time actually working on your tasks, and not messing around within your project management software. This layout lets you work on tasks quickly, and allows you to quickly bounce from project to project without leaving the screen.

Wrike gives you the ability to categories items within different folders, as well as using tags to additional categorization.

Some of the other great features of Wrike includes team collaboration, integrations with email, as well as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, customized reporting, and the ability to create recurring tasks.

Wrike offers a scaled-down free version for teams of less than 5 people, or plans starting at just under $10/month for larger teams, and to use all the great advanced features.

Wrike is an incredibly robust project management app, while remaining simple at the same time. While you have to pay a small amount for the full version, Wrike is a great value for the price.

Check out Wrike


quire project management tool

Quire is a relative newcomer to the project management scene, but offers a bit of a different approach, and works well for people used to working with lists.

Quire lets you work in a checklist-style workflow. You can create multiple projects, and add tasks to each project. Quire stands out by letting you add sub-tasks, and even sub-tasks within those sub-tasks.

The biggest benefit to this approach is that it lets you break up work into smaller tasks, and focus on one thing at a time.

It is also collaboration-friendly, as it allows team members to work together, and see updates in real-time. It also features Google integration, letting you upload and attach files from Google Drive to your tasks, as well as set tasks to show as events on Google Calendar.

Pricing is free, with premium options for larger teams expected in the future.

Check out Quire

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