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The Best Tools for Creating Mockup Images

Do you create software, websites, mobile apps, or even WordPress themes?

Product images (on your website, as well as in ads and social media) can often be the difference of whether people check out your product or not.

While straight screenshots of your software or app are good, showing those screenshots in a photo of people using your product on a computer or phone can take your product marketing to another level. In this post, we highlight the best tool to get pictures of a website or software on multiple devices.

In the past, doing something like this would require you displaying your software on a computer, and then taking a photo of the computer. While that might be ok if you just want one image, but what if you want multiple high-quality images showing different scenes and devices?

Let’s check out a few great tools that give you professional mockup images quickly and easily.


Placeit lets you create awesome mockups for everything from digital products like software and apps, to t-shirts, book covers, logos, and more.

Placeit is so easy (and actually kinda fun) to use. You simply chose an image template, and then just drag and drop an image file from your computer into the mockup.

You wait just a couple seconds, and then (in the example screen shot below) it adds your image to the computer screen with the photo (perfectly cropped and positioned to look completely natural).

In addition to computer and phone images, Placeit also lets you create great-looking shirt mockup photos.

Placeit offers flexibile pricing options. You can either pay for individual images/mockups (typically $8), purchase a download pack (which includes a set number of downloads), or purchase a monthly subscription that gives you access to download a larger amount of images for a flat rate.

Placeit is an incredible time-saving tool that is a must-have marketing tool for a variety of entrepreneurs.

Check out Placeit



Similar to Placeit, SmartMockups lets you easily add an image of your website or app to different devices and mediums. SmartMockups includes great photos for technology (computers, phones, and smartwatches), as well as print formats such as posters, flyers, magazines, and books.

You start by choosing from over 500 handcrafted scenes.

You then drag & drop an image into the scene, or even let the tool automatically capture a screenshot of your website (you just paste in your sites’ URL).

You can adjust you image by changing the background color, or add a beautiful gradient.

Lastly, you crop and export the final composition.

One area where SmartMockups stands out is with their pricing. It is a software program you download (available for both Mac and Windows) for a one-time cost of only $49. You can then create as many mockups as you want.

Check out SmartMockups

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