Asana is a robust and intuitive project management tool for entrepreneurs and startups of virtually any size.

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What’s cool about Asana

Asana was started as essentially a to-do-list tool focused around team collaboration, but has quickly evolved to include some awesome additional functionality, including a dashboard, a calendar, a notification Inbox, and more.

Team collaboration is clearly the focus of Asana, as it gives users the ability to share notes, organize tasks between different people, and schedule and prioritize daily tasks on a shared calendar.

We recommend Asana for people who prefer to work in a standard ‘to do list’ format (compared to the KanBan style of Trello), and for small teams looking for a simple way for everyone to manage their workflow.

Asana is available both as mobile app as well as a web-app, allowing you to manage your projects on any device – wherever you are.

Asana is free, with premium options that include additional functionality, training, and support resources.

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