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OnePress Image Elevator

Image Elevator is a great time-saving WordPress plugin that simply lets you copy screenshots and images, and paste them directly to the content editor in WordPress.

OnePress Image Elevator



Do you use screen capture tools to take screenshots of images to use on your WordPress website?

Usually the process to do this contains the following steps:

  1. Capture a screenshot with the screen capture tool
  2. Save the screenshot to your computer
  3. Open the image in a tool like Photoshop and optimize the image for the web
  4. Upload the image to the WordPress Media Library
  5. Insert the image into your post or page

Image Elevator is an incredibly simple WordPress plugin that reduces this process to just 2 steps (yay!).

Image Elevator allows you to paste images into your posts directly from your clipboard!

Simply capture the screenshot, and copy the image (including using the Control/Command + C keyboard shortcut if you’d like) and paste it into your post. The tool automagically adds the image to your post, and saves it to your WordPress Media Library.

While using it with screenshots is a common use, it actually works with any image you’re able to copy and paste.

Image Elevator is offered as either a free plugin, or as a premium version.

The premium version has some additional incredibly-useful features, including the ability to compress images on the fly, and rename the images as you paste them (by default, it saves images with a long string of letters and numbers as the title).

When you paste images, especially photos, they can be quite large and slow down your website.

With the compression feature, you can set the max allowed size for pasted images and forget about this problem. Your images will be automatically converted to a jpeg file with the specified the quality value.

If you work with a lot of images on your website, Image Elevator can save you a ton of time and frustration, and is a must-have WordPress plugin.

Check out Image Elevator: Premium Version | Free Version

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